The Marche Region owns 25 masterpieces by the Venetian painter Lorenzo Lotto that are kept in the museums and in the churches of eight different locations in the Marche Region and that can be visited in a freely chosen succession (Ancona, Cingoli, Jesi, Loreto, Mogliano, Monte San Giusto, Recanati and Urbino). The ‘Lorenzo Lotto in the Marche’ single ticket gives access to the museums of five different locations (the Civic Art Gallery of Ancona, the Civic Museums of Palazzo Pianetti in Jesi, the Civic Museums of Colloredo Mels in Recanati, the MASM- Museo Arte Sacra Mogliano, the Sala degli Stemmi in the City Hall of Cingoli) and to the multimedia tour of the IME – Istituto Marchigiano di Enogastronomia in Jesi, an institute of regional relevance dedicated to providing information, training, dissemination and tasting of high-quality Marche-produced food and wine products.

The works by Lotto kept at the Pontifical Museum of the Holy House of Loreto and at the Church of Santa Maria in Telusiano di Monte San Giusto can be visited free of charge while for the price of the admission tickets to the National Gallery of the Marche in Urbino, please consult the website


With the single ticket, you can visit 5 museums in the Marche which host some of the most extraordinary works by Lorenzo Lotto as well as the multimedia tour of the IME – Istituto Marchigiano di Enogastronomia in Jesi


PRICE: full ticket € 10.00

             reduced ticket € 7.00 (15 to 25-year-olds; groups of more than 15 people)



·Ancona, Pinacoteca F. Podesti

·Cingoli, Sala degli Stemmi inside the City Hall

·Jesi, Pinacoteca Civica

·Jesi, IME – Istituto Marchigiano di Enogastronomia

·Mogliano, MASM Museo Arte Sacra Mogliano

·Recanati, Museum of Villa Colloredo Mels


VALIDITY: indefinite.



The promotion of the “Give yourself a Lotto Tour in the Marche” offer includes the possibility of buying a Gift Card with the ‘Lorenzo Lotto in the Marche’ single ticket, in addition to a mini shopper containing an illustrative brochure of the 8 cities.



“Lorenzo Lotto in the Marche” single ticket + shopper + illustrative brochure: € 10.00



Musei Civici di Palazzo Pianetti – Jesi

Tel: +39 0731 538342 – 439 – 343


Ufficio Turismo-IAT Jesi

Tel: +39 0731 538420