After 300 days at the restoration site and the renovation of 6sqm, the restoration of the monumental complex “San Domenico” has come to an end. It is one of Lotto’s most important works, which thanks to the works of the laboratories COO.BE.C. of Spoleto and funding by Enel, has started to show its vivid colours and its amazing details again.The restoration is one of the many activities promoted by the Territorial Lands of Lotto project which followed the Lorenzo Lotto exhibition, organized by Giovanni CF Villa at the Quirinal Stables (2 March to 12 June 2011).

The return of the painting to Recanati represents an unmissable opportunity to see, in person, the results of the extraordinary recovery of this work of art and to discover details and particulars which, as time went by, had darkened. These details reveal, once again, the high pictorial quality of the artist.

Following a careful campaign of scientific analysis and diagnostic research, funded by the Marche Region, which revealed the serious state of conservation which the painting was, the restoration of the Polyptych was continued at a restoration site set up in the open expository of the great exhibition at the Quirinal Stables. To mark the occasion a part of the work (the moulding and the paintings of Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent Ferrer) was restored "live", for the entire duration of the exhibition, thanks to a contribution from Enel.

The public was able to watch the restoration works live through interactive multimedia screens, interviews, videos, fact sheets, insights and images which made this scientific work within everyone’s reach.
At the end of the exhibition the entire work of art was cared for by the laboratory of Spoleto, where the works on the remaining paintings, which form the work of art, were completed: the procedure produced incredible results especially in its chromatic aspect, showing the use of an extraordinarily wide range of colours by using a clever combination of contrasting colours which create a strong emotional impression and attention to detail. You can also admire the Polyptych of Recanati at the Museum Villa Colloredo Mels, under a different light thanks to the collaboration of The Guzzini family who have made a special LED light which allows you to see bright colours and amazing details.

The restoration campaign ,which was undertaken in view of the exhibition in Rome, has made the restoration of other works in Marche possible thanks to the funding by BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas. These paintings include the Transfiguration of Recanati, the Presentation of Christ in the Temple, The Force that defeats Fortuna and the Saints Christopher, Rocco and Sebastiano of Loreto.