30th June – 16th September 2012

Church of Sant'Agostino, Fermo;
Church of Santa Maria di Piazza, Mogliano (MC);
Church of Santa Maria in Telusiano, Monte San Giusto (MC)

The exhibition “La quarta dimensione nella pittura di Lorenzo Lotto e Mario Vespasiani” will be open until 16th September 2012: it is an itinerant expositive project which compares the paintings of the young artist with the masterpieces of Lorenzo Lotto housed in some prestigious places of worship in the Diocese of Fermo – the Church of Sant'Agostino in Fermo, the Church of Santa Maria di Piazza in Mogliano (MC) and the Church of Santa Maria in Telusiano in Monte San Giusto (MC). For the first time, alongside Lotto's art are the intuitions of a contemporary artist, who, highlighting only the foreground of the face of some figures, returns those emotional states of the characters which are a part of a more articulate composition in Lotto's work.
Opening hours:
Sant'Agostino; Thursday 5-8 pm and 9.30-11 pm; Friday, Saturday and 5-8 pm Sunday
Santa Maria in Telusiano: Monday to Sunday 9-12 pm and 4.30-7 pm
Santa Maria di Piazza: every day, except Tuesday afternoon, 9-12.30 pm and 4.30-7 pm

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