Assunta, 1550 - Ancona
Assumption, 1550
Chiesa San Francesco Alle Scale, Ancona

This work was conceived in an artistic and human background penetrated with sadness and deep trepidation: the language is pithy yet profound and the colours gradually lose their intensity.The figures, utterly enchanted by the miracle of the Assumption of the Virgin, are oblivious of one another. On a faint and unsettling background, the painter simplifies the work and creates an atmosphere of complete devotion. The Virgin is represented in a way which will be profusely reproduced in the art of the Counter-Reformation period: She is standing while a chorus of angels is helping her to reach the sky; thrilled and with open arms, she is looking to the sky. Below the Virgin, are the Apostles, who are gesticulating in an amazed and confused way surrounding the bare sepulchre. In a background illuminated by dancing lights and shadows melancholy encircles the people and place, a poetic element appears from the sepulchre: flower petals, which represent the only trace of the Virgin's human transit.

Chiesa San Francesco Alle Scale