City of Cingoli

Immersed in one of the most beautiful, luxuriant and rarest areas of the Mediterranean landscape in terms of flora, Cingoli stands in a panoramic position at 630m, which has earned it the nickname of "Balcony of Marche". Its almost intact city walls and the many monuments in the historic districts with quiet, pretty streets attest to the glorious past of Cingoli. Lotto's Madonna del Rosario was painted for the high altar of the church of S. Domenico which, unfortunately is closed since 2016 earthquake; the masterpiece is now on display in the Sala degli Stemmi of Cingoli Palazzo Comunale. The work is an expression of Lotto's great inventive fantasy and executive skill; painted shortly after the Ancona one, here he managed to create an altarpiece that is even more complex, not only for the presence of more figures but also for the extraordinary manner in which he depicted the fifteen mysteries of the Rosary.