City of Urbino

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998 and the birthplace of Raphael, Urbino certainly is one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. The transformation from a medieval village to a Renaissance urban jewel took place under Federico da Montefeltro ruling, who was the lord of Urbino in the second half of the XV century. The Palazzo Ducale now houses the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche which, in addition to important paintings by Piero della Francesca, Raphael and Laurana, also conserves a Saint Roch by Lotto, purchased for the museum by the state in 2007. Part of a diptych, Saint Roch recurs in Lotto's oeuvre for the devotional aspects associated with the figure of this saint, invoked to protect against the plague. As in the picture at Loreto, Saint Roch is accompanied by Sants Christoper and Sebastian while he indicates the typical marks of the plague, inviting the observer to trust in divine benevolence to be healed.