As part of the project Terre di Lotto (Lotto's lands) five new lighting fixtures of Lotto's paintings housed in Marche's churches have been installed. They are LED energy-saving bulbs, created using modern technology and aimed at the control of the light and the perception of chromaticism; they were specifically developed and produced by Targetti Sankeyin close cooperation with the lighting designers Iannone and Tellini of the Consuline Studio.

The new lighting consists of an out-and-out “LED machine”, which, examining the colours and the pictorial aspect of the works in depth, lets the visitors perceive them in their amazing fullness: colours appear in all their glory and even the three-dimensional greatness painted by the artist emerge. This result, never achieved before, has been obtained thanks to the application of the “mirror neurons” theory: “Creating a white light characterised by the absence of some clear wavelengths – as the architect Francesco Iannone explains – the observer's brain is facilitated to identify shades in order to have a better perception of the three-dimensional sense of the scene painted by the artist and a clearer comprehension of the details of the picture itself”.

Therefore, it is possible to admire several paintings illuminated in an innovative and permanent way in the location to which they belong: the Madonna of the Rosary (la Madonna del Rosario) in the Church of San Domenico in Cingoli, the Assumption (l'Assunzione) in the Church of San Francesco alle Scale in Ancona, the fresco of Saint Vincent Ferrer in Glory in the Church of San Domenico in Recanati, the Assumption in the Church of the Assunta in Mogliano and the Crucifixion (Crocifissione) in the Church of S. Maria in Telusiano in Monte San Giusto.