Polittico di S. Domenico, 1508 - Recanati
Polittico di S. Domenico, 1508
Museo Civico di Villa Colloredo Mels, Recanati

The shortened figures of the Saints placed around the throne of the Virgin in an architectural and perspective space of Bramante ancestry are illuminated by a cold and clear light which highlights Antonelli’s plasticism of the figures captured in a confidential and spiritual conversation. The Dominican Order (who commissioned the work together with the Municipality of Recanati) is represented in the fullness of its theological virtue and ability to martyrdom via its most important Saints which are placed near the heavenly patron saints of Recanati: Vito and Flaviano. In the Cymatium, a strong, dramatic and touching reverence shows an extraordinary ability to pensively interpret pain. The figure of Christ, whilst dying still manages to emanate energy only temporarily suspended. The drama is not shown by his strong and tensed body with swollen veins but it is recognized in the extreme human despair of those present.

Villa Colloredo Mels