City of Recanati

Enclosed between Monte Conero, the Adriatic Sea and the Sibylline Mountains, Recanati is the most lyrical village in Marche, maybe all Italy. Protected by its ancient walls and by those hills that so much inspired Giacomo Leopardi, Recanati flourished in XII century, thanks to the union of three hamlets, the construction of the port and finally the conferment of the title of City as well as episcopal seat. Over the years, Recanati enjoyed the passage of humanists, artists and writers. Here, the Museo Civico-Villa Colloredo Mels preserves an extraordinary corpus of works by Lorenzo Lotto: from the San Domenico polyptych, the young painter's first work in Marche, to The Transfiguration of Christ, Saint James the Greater and his masterpiece: the Annunciation, perhaps Lorenzo Lotto's most famous picture, which depicts the unfolding of the miraculous event exactly as it takes place.