Trasfigurazione, 1512 - Recanati
Trasfigurazione, 1512
Museo Civico di Villa Colloredo Mels, Recanati

The landscape and figures, the feelings and emotions are translated with pitiful outbursts and expressive movements to the limit of physical and perspective deformation. The pictorial space opens up onto 2 dimensions: a tense and dramatic expressiveness in the foreground where the bodies of the apostles roll up into the slope of the mountain in a chaotic and agitated scene and above, the infinity of space beyond the mountain and the figures. Here the composition lies on a more balanced pattern, like a double triangle with vertexes which converge at Christ’s face and the tensions and the directional movements of the figures are reset. It is a compositional structure which ignores the perspective and its harmonic rules. Its two-dimensional vision plans, its gold inscriptions and its bright and clashing colours are intentionally archaic.

Villa Colloredo Mels