City of Jesi

A beautiful town with an ancient Roman and medieval heart, set halfway between the sea and the mountains. Piazza Federico II, an ancient Roman forum and the birthplace of the famous Emperor Frederick Ii of Hohenstaufen, houses the multimedia museum called "Stupor Mundi" and the Museo Diocesano, with over 200 works from churches and religious institutions from the diocese of Jesi. In the eighteenth century, neu public buildings were constructed in the oldest part of the town, including Teatro Pergolesi and Palazzo Pianetti, now home to the Musei Civici of Jesi, which preserve precious works ranging from archaeological items to modem works and five pictures by Lorenzo Lotto painted between 1512 and 1539 for the churches of San Francesco al monte and San Floriano. They include the large altarpiece of the Deposition, two small panels depicting the Angel of the Annunciation and the Virgin of the Annunciation, the Madonna of the Roses and, a true masterpiece, the famous Saint Lucy altarpiece.