Pala di Santa Lucia, 1532 - Jesi
Pala di Santa Lucia, 1532
Musei Civici di Palazzo Pianetti, Jesi

The altarpiece, along with 3 platforms, forms a story of images which starts with the first painting on the left. The first painting tells the events prior to the conversion and subsequent choice of holiness made by Lucia. The story comes to life with the appearance of other characters, all male and threatening. A green curtain was used to separate the story with the withering invention of the sign of the time used as an asterisk and repeated in the central altarpiece. The narrative progression continues on a different register, expanded on the central panel in which the whole miracle happens and where a subtle change of roles is revealed by the attitude of the characters. The severe stillness of judge Paschasius breaks down into a fit of growing anger and the movements which were controlled by Lucia turn into still marble. Extraordinary is the idea of that finger raised towards the dove of the Holy Spirit with the demonstrative intent which is, at the same time, used as a nail, blocking the dove therefore making it impossible to move. The long shot of the second and third platforms(altar steps) opens up on to an urban landscape and helps sustain a faded ending, open to various conclusions.