Deposizione, 1512 - Jesi
Deposition, 1512
Musei Civici di Palazzo Pianetti, Jesi

This work of art has clear formal references to those by Perugino and Raphael but the inspiration is still that of Giorgione's landscape which is interpreted as the protagonist along with the figures. Each place is inhabited by people unaware of the tragedy unfolding in the foreground, around the lifeless body of Christ which is delicate and tense as you can see from his thin features, which did not find the peace that comes with death. The emotional core, which is expressed by the mourners, is shown by the individual reactions which act as shock waves, affecting all the characters. Each of them are enclosed in their own individual expression of pain. Mary's gesture is wide and desperate, she is echoed by a holy woman who is tearing her hair out, while Mary of Cleofe walks away crying. Maddalena opens her mouth in vain as her cry remains in her throat. Gestures of rebellion are tense such as John’s clenched fists, which are uselessly hidden under his cloak. The resignation of old Peter who is holding some nails in his hand, which are shown as a menacing inheritance and the devotion of Joseph of Arimatea and Nicodemus who holds the blanket between this teeth and accompanies the dead body of Jesus right into the sarcophagus.